Carpet Cleaning Testimonials

Excellent Service...The carpet looked great...really pleased with the job...the carpets were accessible that evening. The carpets were left almost dry - Unlike another company we used - they were left wet for 4 days.

Chris Spiteri, Supervisor, Kilsyth South

I found that my carpets stayed much cleaner for much longer compared to another major leading company - your steam cleaning process is far more superior than the others cleaning methods

Trish Ryan, Home duties, Ringwood

Very efficient, punctual and accommodating.  Reliability and the excellent job done every time which is why I have no hesitation in recommending you to any of my friends and why I have continually used you over the past 5 years

Nicola Baker, Nurse, Ringwood

The carpets were absolutely brilliant. I really didn't think you'd get some of the stains out. Very professional and excellent job. Can't wait to get my ducts done.

Karen Van Unen, Home Duties, Croydon North

Very satisfied with the job - Carpets dried beautifully and smelt clean - and after over a week or more  the stains haven't re-appeared which I am very happy about. Thank you for a job well done.

Irene Seamons, Sales Assistant, Mount Waverley

Excellent  - our carpets have never looked so clean.  All the stains have gone so that the carpets now look new.  We've been in our house 3 years & are now selling.  After we had the carpets cleaned the real estate agent included 'new carpets' as one of the selling features.

Paul Azzopardi, Sales Manager, Lilydale

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