How often should I have my ducts cleaned?                    When is the best time to clean my ducts?

How long does the cleaning take?                                  Will I have dust all round my home?                                

Is Bactigas  safe to use?                                               Do you guarantee you work?

Can I have the heater running before you arrive and after you leave?

Should I have a filter on my return air vent                      Do you install / repair filters

Should I get the heater cleaned first  or serviced first?     Do you service the heater? 

Do you repair the heater and  /  or ducts                        Do you install timer switches?


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How often should I have my ducts cleaned?

Your ducted heating system should be cleaned every three years. After 3 years you get a film of dust which coats the duct walls. This dust harbors millions of dust mites and bacteria which in turn breed and multiply thereby creating more dust. The more dust there is, the more dust mites you have, and the more dust mites you have the more dust they create. The problem just snowballs.

How long does the cleaning take?

An average system with  10 floor ducts or less usually takes between 2 and 2 1/2 hours.  

If the ducts are in the ceiling, add approx 1/2 hour.

Will I have dust all round my home?

No, our powerful vacuum system extracts the dust from the vents to our van outside so that it does not fly around your home.

Is Bactigas  safe to use?

Yes, bactigas is simply distilled tea tree oil compressed as a gas, and is non-flammable.  Tea tree is a natural antiseptic and usually dissipates in 5 to 10 minutes.

When is the best time to clean my ducts?

Any time of year is a good time to clean your ducts.

Do you guarantee you work?

Absolutely, the equipment and methods I use to clean your ducted system ensures it is cleaned to the highest standards and I offer a 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee.

Can I have the heater running before you arrive and after you leave?

Yes, I will have to turn it off when I arrive, but I  will have it running again before I leave to check its operating correctly, and to aid the sanitation process. You are then able to use it as normal

Do you service the heater?

No. Servicing is different to cleaning. A service generally refers to clearing out the gas jets and pilot light area of the heater unit, and checking the general operation. This should be done by a licensed plumber gasfitter.  Cleaning your ducted system is a separate issue and both should be done on a regular basis.

Should I get the heater cleaned first  or serviced first?

It really doesn't matter. Several times I have cleaned ducted systems while some else is servicing the heater and it is not a problem.  If anything cleaning first is preferable, only because some companies will vacuum the loose dust off the fan as part of the service. This is not necessary if you are having your ducts cleaned because we separate the fan blades, motor and casing, for thorough cleaning, so its silly to pay the service person to give it a quick vac.

Do you repair the heater and  /  or ducts?

If you have a serious problem with your heating unit it is best to call a service person to fix the problem. Sometimes though, people have problems with their heater that relates to excess dust in the system. The most common is when the heater cuts out because it gets too hot. Often cleaning the system will overcome this problem and a service person is not required.  With regards to the ducts, as long as I can get access to the problem area I can repair tears or holes, squashed ducts, broken joins etc. As part of the cleaning service I check the duct lines are intact and working properly.

Should I have a filter on my return air vent?

90% of ducted heating systems do not have filters. Why? Either because the system was installed without one, or there was a filter originally but  it became so dusty and ratty that it got thrown out after a few years.

If you do not have a filter don't worry, as long as you have your system cleaned regularly (every three years) it is not a problem.

If you have a filter, great, because it will reduce the amount of dust that enters your system, but it needs to be cleaned regularly - at least once a month while your using the system (in winter). If you don't vacuum the dust off, the airflow will be reduced.

This puts unnecessary strain on the fan motor and air return ducting. I have seen cases where return ducts have collapsed and fan motors have given out because of dirty filters.

If you require replacement filter cloth or wish to have a compliant intake filter installed, please phone me on 0419 590 340 or shoot me an email - john@steamndry.com

(*)If your ducted heating system has reverse cycle air conditioning  then you should have a filter on the return air vent to prevent dust collecting on the cooling coil, which can cause the system to 'freeze up'


Do you install / repair filters?

Yes, I carry filter cloth with me so I can replace your filter cloth if required. If you currently have no filter but wish to have one installed, then we need to check and measure you return air vent to ascertain the best filter for you.

Do you install timer switches?

Yes, there are a few different models of timer switch at varying prices which I can install for you.