Each of the ducts lines in your house are then individually cleaned. A special probe that runs on compressed air travels along the duct dislodging debris which is immediately removed from your home by a powerful vacuum system. We do not use electric vacuum systems because they are simply not powerful enough. The vacuum system we use is powered by our Van's Turbo Diesel Motor which has a capacity of around 500 cubic feet per minute whereas the most powerful electric vacuum systems with four 1200 watt motors only have a capacity of pulling 50 cubic feet of air per minute. Similarly we do not use an electric compressor. The Compressor we use is a McMillan MCD30 which is powered by a Diesel motor, it has 3 pistons, a rating of 31 cubic feet per minute (cfm) and free air delivery of 678 litres per minute at high pressure, whereas the largest electric compressor you can safely use in households have 10 amp electric motors, they are single piston around 12cfm and only deliver 200-240 litres of air per minute, but deliver high pressure only for a short time. We only use quality equipment ensuring you receive thorough, efficient cleaning your ducted system.