Caring for your Carpet

No carpet lasts forever, but you can add years to it's life and keep it looking 'newer' longer by following a few simple steps.

A carpet wears out because of foot traffic and dirt particles that get trampled deep into the pile. When you walk on your carpet these particles have an abrasive effect on your carpets fibers, and dull your carpets appearance. Thus your carpet ages quicker.

Steps to reduce the impact of foot traffic:

Vacuum thoroughly and regularly - particularly in high traffic areas. Vacuuming helps remove dirt particles. For best results use a vacuum cleaner with beater bars and good suction. Change bags and filters regularly.                                                                          

Use walk off mats  - at entrances from hard floors to minimise  the amount of dirt being tracked onto the carpet. Place doormats inside and outside of exterior doors that walk straight onto carpet.

Change traffic patterns - Where possible rotate furniture periodically so that people have to alter their path through the room.

Professional cleaning - When vacuuming no longer removes all the soil or stains remain, its time to call a professional cleaner. We recommend professional cleaning at least every 1-2 years depending on traffic  and carpet color.  Lighter carpets and higher traffic areas may require more frequent cleaning. Use a professional cleaner that follow Australian Standards AS3733 and remember, it is critical that the cleaning solution is thoroughly rinsed from the fibers so that your carpet does not resoil rapidly.