Duct Cleaning Testimonials:

I was extremely lucky in choosing John from his advertisement in the local paper.  

Even his advertisement had a professional touch to it, setting out the 4 steps he takes when cleaning ducts.  

John is very professional in his field and takes pride in his work. From the beginning of the job I was extremely comfortable and could see he was a perfectionist.  I now realize I have a much healthier house to live in.

I would be only too pleased to recommend him to any of my friends.

 A. Davis, Administrative Officer:

Friendly, obliging and efficient. No pushiness or salesman 'claptrap'. Friendliness without intrusiveness.  And the final result of clean ducts which was noticeable by my 'sensitive to dust' family. Appreciation of forthrightness regarding overall costs - no hidden costs.  Dealing with a pleasant company representative who gave me a sense of trust in my home.

Gabriele Jack, Nurse, Mount Evelyn

I am so pleased with the work done.  Since the ducts were cleaned there is no odour when the heating is turned on. Nor is there any dust floating around when the heater is on.  The house is cleaner because residual dust does not float up from the ducts as before.

Joan D'Abreo, Teacher, Lilydale

Professional, on time service. As I manage 2 office suites time is of the essence. Having someone turn up at an agreed time is a huge benefit to all. Time taken to explain why it is important to clean and the detailed process undertaken, in cleaning heater system.  I've also found that dusting of furniture has minimised since.  Peace of mind  - there's been a number of house fires in our area associated with dirty ducts and heater units.  This, coupled with family members continually complaining of colds and allergy type symptoms definitely worth the cost and effort.

Karen Leoncelli, Office Manager, Warranwood

The company seems to take pride and cares what its customers think.  I was very happy with the way your company was so thorough in cleaning our ducted heating, and your service man was a pleasure to have in  our house.  A much healthier house due to the thorough clean of our Ducted Heating.

Peter Wilkins, Telephone Tech, Lilydale

Satisfaction! John's quotation was higher than others and with good reason. John was informative over the phone, the others were kind of 'okerish', didn't really care attitude. We were uncomfortable with that. John seemed to have passion for what he is doing - that's why he chose him. John was very knowledgeable - from the phone call to the completion of the job.  This is a great help to us because our lack of knowledge could have cost us more, but John's wisdom in knowing the marketplace has been invaluable.  Gone are the itchy eyes and sneezing! We don't the ducts up a high or as long saving us $$$

Darren & Bronia Tasker, Natural Health Consultants, Mitcham

Friendly and value for money. When we had the ducted heating cleaned, I was happy that the service was efficient and you did a thorough job.  We have a much cleaner and hygienic ducted system, and it's a lot safer.  We have 13 month old twins and we are glad we chose Steam 'n' Dry for their services.

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Amos-Welker, Nurses, Mooroolbark

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